History / Background of organization : ARTHO-SHAMAJIK SHIKKHA SANSKRITIC UNNAYON SANGSTHA(ASECED) in an NGO. It was established in January 01,2003 with the collaboration of a group of educated social works and NGO personnel with an aim to upgrade the socio-economic conditions of the rural poor and disadvantaged people. It gives special emphasize for the women and children and impart concentration, capacity building institution build & capital formation and imparting felt-need based problem solving programs.

Its main believes in non-directive, bottom up, integrated and participatory development framework and works as a catalyst with the concern people and aspires a judge full and equitable share able society, where every individual could be able to live in peace, harmony and justice.

Since inception. ARTHO-SHAMAJIK SHIKKHA SANSKRITIC UNNAYON SANGSTHA(ASECED) has been working hard to derive away poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition. It aims to assist the poorest sections of the community for achieve assured and sufficient means of livelihood and social equity, ARTHO-SHAMAJIK SHIKKHA SANSKRITIC UNNAYON SANGSTHA(ASECED) has a

bitter experience of exploitation, torturing and deprivation of the asset less people

 by the influential land lords, land grabbers, feudal and son. Violation of human rights and democracy perpetuates the process of dehumanized.

ARTHO-SHAMAJIK SHIKKHA SANSKRITIC UNNAYON SANGSTHA (ASECED) was established with a view to welfare and social and economic development of the people displaced by regular crops failures, due to excess rain or no rain/drought, flood, cyclones, tidal bore, natural disasters, asset less, destitute and starving people of the country with a particular emphasis on women and children sections. Primarily ARTHO-SHAMAJIK SHIKKHA SANSKRITIC UNNAYON SANGSTHA(ASECED) started to organize the women folk for their self-reliance. Because the women are exploited both socially and economically (she is poor, she women) familial, even biologically and women by themselves.