FH Association

FH History:                                                                                                                    

FH Association (FH) has been working in Bangladesh since the birth of the country in 1971.  Previously named Food for the Hungry International, FH’s original work was exactly as its previous name suggests - distributing food to hungry people, the victims of war and famine. Over the years, as Bangladesh has progressed, FH’s work has developed through rehabilitation and giving support, to education and sustainable development. FH’s work has covered many parts of the country.

Now FH is an international organization, registered in Geneva with multiple support countries and presences in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe. Over the years FH has evolved and matured, transitioning from compassionate response, through professional service provision to collaborative community capacity development.

The main concept of FH development philosophy is to help people to reach to their God given potential and to increase the morality to the children. FHA believes in the participation of  community people in their own development projects. At each project of FHA always emphasis on the sustainable development of the people and ensure that the projects could be lead by the local leaders of the community at the end of the project.   Some significant  characteristics of FHA's work in Bangladesh are as below:

 Almost 90% of our participants are woman.

  1. Work in very remote area where less NGO has program.
  2. Stays longer time ( 8-12 years ) in community and hand over project  to a Community based organization when phased out. 
  3. Introduces FH's values with development so that people are morally correct.

Through last 42 years, FH has achieved significant experiences about some important areas of development like educational development for adult and children  , facilitation of saving based income generations, Community Based Organization formation and socio-economic development of small ethnic group etc.