Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB)


Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) is the accredited national chapter in Bangladesh of the Berlin-based Transparency International, a global civil society organization leading the fight against corruption. TIB began its activities in 1996 with vision of Bangladesh in which government, politics, business, civil society  and the daily lives of the citizens be from corruption.


TIB's mission is to catalyse  and strengthen a participatory social movement to raise and   strengthen voice and intensity demand for accountability through strengthening institutions, laws and practices and establishing an efficient and transparent system of governs , politics and business. TIB's research and  policy, civic engagement, outreach  and communication initiatives are geared  to policy and institutional reforms for controlling corruption, and thereby reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development. 


TIB's activities are implemented at two levels, National and Local, through porches of civic engagement, research , outreach, and communication. At the national level, its work is designed to bring the issue of corruption into sharper focus of public discourse and contribute to the strengthening the pillars of democracy and the National Integrity system.

At local level , TIB has established a network of committees of concerned citizens (CCCs) all over the country. Forty five (45) such committees have been spearheading the anti-corruption movement at district and sub-district (Upazila)  levels in eight division. This is a social movement driven by volunteers who challenge the practices of corruption. The movement prominently features young people - mainly college and university student- who have emerged at the prime movers of the movement under the banner of Youth Engagement  and Support ( YES).


As pa part of social movement TIB is developing tools and mechanisms through which citizen can raise their voices against corruption. at the local level ,various social accountability tools, like citizens reports card ( CRC), Face the public ( FTP), Mothers Gathering, Open budget, Advice and information desk ( Ai- Desk), Advocacy and legal advice center( ALAC), Street Theatres and others cultural activities are used it mobiles  citizens against corruption. Working in specific fields of delivery of public services like health, education And local government. it has demonstrated that real changes are achievable in hospitals, schools, Union Parishads and municipalities . Under BIBEC project, in additional to health, education and local government, TIB is also working on integrity issues in the land sectors and climate finance governance.  In porches TIB Nature and depends a lot on the social conscience of the young people and provides them with a lot on social conscience of the young people and provide them with a why of raising voices against corruption and engaging in voluntary work to catalyses visible and measurable result of improving transparency and accountability affecting daily lives of the citizens. The YES activities are engaged in improving the access of the poor and disadvantaged to the basis public service without harassment and unauthorised payments.