DOCAP (Drvelopment Organization of Coastal Areas)

Development Organization of Coastal Area’s People (DOCAP) is a local NGO. It came into existence in 1997 with the collaboration of some like minded educated social workers of Barguna island district who has been involved with social works for long time and have gained long experience, with a view to uplift the socio-economic condition of the coastal and rural underprivileged, disadvantaged and neglected people through conscientization, capacity building, institution building, utilization of local resources, capital formation and undertaking felt need based problem solving programs by adopting modern scientific knowledge and techniques. It aspires for a society, where every individual will be able to live in an atmosphere of peace and harmony i.e. free from exploitation, oppression and starvation, where every individual will get equal and rightful shares of the resources belonging to the society. It also believes that the maximum active and critical participation of the beneficiaries can ensure the development efforts in the development field. In order to achieve its goal and objectives, DOCAP envisages to work as a catalyst. DOCAP believes in non-directive, bottom up, participatory and integrated development frameworks and acts as a catalyst with its beneficiaries.